picture guide to crossover cables

Who was telling me that geeks aren't lonely horn-dogs??? Yeah, right...


Pretty picture of databases

The much loved
postgresql_autodoc -t dot
provides output that can be used as input by the graphviz tool. Which in turn can save the pretty pictures it draws to a pdf or, well... pretty much whatever format bats your whiffleball. Mighty impressive set of tools, and free down the whole chain. And then they gave me Visio, I added the ODBC driver and blammo: pretty database drawing. There's nothing free about Visio, but I have to say, the results are impressive.


I may have a new hero.

I never would have imagined that the puritanical drinking ages in the states would provide so much entertainment. Kudos to you, Rachel, it's a pleasant change to see someone use the internet to apply accountability. I expect that you're correct in that these young adults don't understand the consequences you would face if caught serving someone underage. I suppose young Ashley Heyer will learn a lesson from this, and I'm wondering what it will be. Sadly, from the stuff that's been going on it doesn't seem that she has yet. I also hope that she figures it out before it screws up the rest of her life too much. She might want to read up on the terms Frivolous Litigation, Vexatious Litigation, and possibly even Malicious Prosecution or Barratry.