Man, I really should post more.

Belated New Year's resolution: post at least once a week. And real posts, not just filler. Starting now. So, I'm trying to follow Peter's diet with Damien. The food choices are fine, but only two days in and I feel laggy and tired. Oh well, I'm sure I'll pick up over the weekend. It affected the massages I did last night. I got into a decent rhythm and flow, but was so zonky I forgot a bolster. I also didn't have the power and energy I usually have, which made it feel more laborious. I'm loosing some of my joy in massage, so I think it's time for me to do a trade. This weekend I'm de-milling my parts kit (see the link) and, assuming the rest of the parts arrive, I might even finish up building my AK. I have no idea how useful this will be for hunting, but it's sure an interesting project. And affordable, too. I did a bunch of research into rebuilding the rear of my Bronco to get rid of the spool and put in a proper Detroit locker. Turns out this would be the right time to switch it to a 35 spline nodular setup. I'm not sure what exactly that means beyond "awesome" to the point of effectively indestructible. Oh, and somewhat expensive: 35 spline Detroit locker $475 front and rear 4.56 gears $190 each Strange nodular case $300 nodular pinion support $90 custom axles about $400 (need to pull one of the axles I have and get a quote) I guess I should get off my duff and pull that axle this weekend. I need some jackstands to do it though. Or something. Maybe I can use wood blocks? Should be a fun weekend in a "getting things done" kind of way.