Google Integration Found Irresistable

The fact that I have created this blog is yet more proof that I'm a pathetic Google fanboy. I tried out a livejournal and ended up not using it for anything. But I've got some ideas about what to put up here. Aside from (just) pointless posts about the trivia of my life I though that perhaps this would be a good place to keep track of recipes. I used to have a recipe website but it died when the hard-disk for that server bought it. Naturally I didn't have any backups, for which I offer no excuses beyond the classic "well, I guess I should have made backups". Recipes will be tagged with the "recipe" label. Brilliant, I know. Other generally useless content will include ubre-brief book / song / movie / $[art] reviews which will no doubt illuminate my rather limited analytical skills. There's a reason I changed my major away from English after second year, but I'm not contemplating essays here. It's more to keep me reminded about what I have and haven't read. This might help me avoid the somewhat embarassing situation of getting part way through a book and realizing that I've already read it. Embarassing because I've probably bought another copy. Label "review" seems fitting. Oh, and I should also throw in brief descriptions of movies, books etc that had trailers or back-covers I found interesting so that I get around some day to. Perhaps a "todo" label? In fact, general I might even put up general todos! Wow, I'm feeling very excited about the prospects. I'll end here with the prospects of getting my life organized ahead of me. Very positive and upbeat stuff that. I wonder if I can attach some kind of cutsey little icon to this post. That'd rock.