I Love my Slow Cooker

So, I recently picked up a second-hand Nesco roaster. I had assumed that it was simply a crock-pot when I bought it, but apparently it's so much more. It made a pretty good beef stew with my first try. I think I'm going to try using it to roast a chicken some time next week. I know... exciting stuff. In other exciting news, I picked up an old Gillette safety razor at a second hand shop and ordered some shaving stuff online after reading about gourmet shaving. Since I'm not exactly a morning person, I thought that this might be an incentive towards a more reasonable morning routine. God forbid I should just go for a walk on the beach that's about 5 minutes from my door. Well, Elspeth arrives shortly which should put me on an early morning schedule again.


LeisureGuy said...

I think those are the same roasters that, years ago in the tiny Oklahoma town where I was raised, were always used to make chili for the high school football games.

Good luck with the shaving. And I hope you got the blade sampler pack. :)

Unknown said...

Yep, I went with the sampler pack. I think I'm also going to have to find a nice cosy bathmat or something to stand on since my bathroom floor is chilly.