Antennae for my FT8900

Ok, so I've already got my little Comet dual band daily driving antenna, and a Comet SBB5NMO dual bander with decent gain for both bands for when I'm "keeping it under 80". Eventually I'd like to find a parked / moving very slowly and carefully antenna, or maybe two. My mount type is NMO. So far contenders are: Diamond SG7900 (2m 5.0dBi / 70cm 7.6dBi) 600g, 1.58m HUGE and heavy, no NMO? Diamond CR627NMO (6m 2.15dBi / 2m 4.5dBi / 70cm 7.2dBi) 450g, 1.51m (does 6m!) Diamond CR8900 (10m/6m/2m 2.15dBI / 70cm 5.5dBi) 490g, 1.26m (gains kinda suck, but does 10m!) Comet UHV-4 (about the same as the Diamond CR8900) Maybe I should just do a 6m or 10m dipole. Of course that would have to be a stationary antenna. I guess I could pull the radio out of my car and set it up at home some how. It's not like I ever use it in the car, and the mount, while very professional, is a little noisy sometimes. Then I'd have a ham radio at home that I almost never use. Yay!