Drew's Ginger Vanilla Pear Conserve

This is based loosly on my Grandma's recipe for peach conserve. Peeled, cored, roughly sliced pears (4 large baskets, about 12 cups) Syrup consisting of about half the amount of pears as sugar, dissolved in boiling hot water juice of 1 lemon Toasted hazelnuts (not salted), cracked or split (about 1/2 cup) fresh ginger, grated might be best, tried chopped (1 inch or so) 1 fresh vanilla zest of 1 lemon or maybe orange Boil up the syrup, add pears and ginger Boil until the pears are soft and it's started to thicken add nuts, zest and vanilla, boil for another 2 or 3 minutes and then can.